Is there an age requirement to live on a park?

Yes the minimum age requirement to reside on any Fury Park Home Estate is 50 years of age.

Can I keep any pets?

Yes, we do allow residents to keep one dog. Cats are also permitted.

What Council Tax band are the homes designated?

They are all Tax Band A.

What are the rules of the Park?

A copy of the park rules will be given to you prior to the purchase of your home and form part of the license agreement.

Can I stay permanently on your parks?

All our parks have full residential status.

What are the outgoings living on a park?

Residents will need to pay a monthly pitch fee, which also contributes towards the park’s upkeep. Additional charges like Council Tax (Band A), Gas, Electricity, Water and Sewerage are to be paid. Some of these charges will be paid directly to the Utility companies and some charges will be paid to Fury Park Homes Estates depending on the arrangements made on each individual park.

Does the pitch fee increase?

The pitch fee is reviewed each year and goes up or down in line with the Retail Price Index (RPI).

Can children stay on the park?

Children are not permitted to be residents as all parks are exclusively for the over 50’s. They can however visit and stay from time-to-time.

Can I obtain a mortgage on a park home?

Unfortunately mortgages are not available but there are specialist finance companies that deal with park home finance.

Do you Part Exchange properties?

Yes we operate a Part Exchange Scheme in conjunction with a specialist Part Exchange company.

Do your parks have an active Resident’s Association?

Some of our park have but not all of them.